Freshman Unit 4 Crossword
Down: 1)  To deceive3)  disorder, chaos5)  To reduce the courage of; discourage7)  To clear up or resolve; sort out8)  edge, brink9) lifeless, dead10)  narrow-minded, bigoted15) correct, mend16)  To reprimand with abusive language18)  Admittance to a place, a means of passage or entrance; To be able to reach, approach, enter, etc.; To obtain Across: 2)  flashy, showy4) disappear, escape6)  fearless; bold8)  Easily bent or flexed; adaptable; yielding to influence easily11)  kindle, ignite12)  lucky, fortunate13) NOT uncomplicated14)  Temporary relief, as from danger or pain; To postpone or cancel the punishment of17)  Predetermined, governed by fate19) theft, burglary


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