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(v.) To find fault with or complain about in a nagging way
cavil; nitpick; complain; nag
laud; compliment; praise; extol
It gets annoying when you CARP all day long, in every instance you seem to find something wrong.
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Vocab Test.com offers you, the eager student ready to learn, free vocabulary tests, which are the best way to boost your verbal skills. How, you ask? Simply make your own quiz using the new words you want to master! We also have tests over Common Prefixes and Suffixes to help you decipher new words based on their word parts. Whether you're cramming for English class, honing your SAT Vocabulary skills, or just plain bored, the SAT Vocabulary Word Tests at Vocab Test.com will help! You'll increase your SAT vocabulary score, up your grades, impress your friends, meet new romances and live a fuller life - ALL because you weren't afraid to tackle the unknown and intimidating complexities of our language. Heck, building vocabulary is the main activity of avid dating teenagers. Suddenly things will be easier: conversations, interviews, tests, Shakespeare, did we mention SAT Vocabulary? Sheesh - if you aren't using the practice vocabulary tests on Vocab Test.com, how are you getting through everyday life? Yes, it can be scary. There are lots of words you don't know, a lot of mistakes you may make, especially on the SAT.
But trust us, this is exactly why you'll want to take our SAT Vocabulary practice tests, or create vocabulary word tests on Vocab Test.com.

So right now what we have available for you on Vocab Test.com is this: vocabulary word tests for some middle school levels: 6th Grade Vocabulary, 7th Grade Vocabulary or 8th Grade Vocabulary and all high school levels: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or advanced senior levels. Our vocabulary tests on Vocab Test.com will also facilitate cramming for your English vocabulary tests. If you're familiar with the Vocabulary Workshop books by Jerome Shostak, also intended to help your SAT Vocabulary score, you can tap into Level A, Level B, Level C, Level D, Level E, Level F, Level G, and Level H right here at Vocab Test.com. Find your level and your unit and expand those brain synapses! Also, we have added the books Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT. We currently have Vocabulary Power Plus Book 1, Vocabulary Power Plus Book 2, Vocabulary Power Plus Book 3 and Vocabulary Power Plus Book 4 all free vocabulary tests!