Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  Big and strong2)  A tool or instrument used in doing work; To carry out; To put into effect3)  Not open to question, undeniable; Obviously true4)  Having a double meaning; Not clearly understandable5)  meager, bare6)  A formal agreement between two or more parties; To join or pack closely together; Tightly packed, occupying a small space8)  Of huge size or strength; Gigantic9)  cold, unresponsive10)  Full of courage; Brave13)  A motion by a pitcher in baseball to deceive a base runner; To hesitate or be unwilling to continue; To impede or prevent14)  trait, attribute15)  manipulate, guide16)  To compare opinions; To carry on a discussion or deliberation; To give as a gift or honor Across: 3)  Too many or too large to be counted or estimated5)  harsh, grating7)  snatch, seize11)  Marked by or acting with quiet caution and secrecy intended to avoid notice12)  cripple, vandalize17) thoroughgoing, exhaustive18)  blossom, prosper


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