Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 4 Crossword
Down: 1)  To feel or express regret or remorse; To be sorry for3)  A living being that will eventually die; Subject to death; Causing death, fatal4)  To cause something to arise or come about; To create6)  cancellation, annulment7) NOT verify8) reminder, souvenir9)  worship, adore13)  To cause to become unsteady and fall; To fall head first or overturn15)  discharge, exonerate Across: 2)  regard, think5)  disagreement, discord10)  string, fiber11)  To ruin or destroy completely; To leave in ruins12)  Of little importance; Secondary in importance or scale, minor14)  A close examination of something; To examine closely; To study, glance at or skim16)  A bad or unfortunate situation; To make a serious pledge17)  Ungratefulness; A lack of appreciation or thankfulness18)  meditation, daydream19)  fleeting, puzzling20)  hurrahs, bravos


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