Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1) labyrinth, puzzle2)  Characterized by bloodshed and violence3)  hobo, vagrant4)  A strong supporter of a party, group, or cause; Devoted to or one-sided in support for a party, group, or cause6) guard, care for7)  high-spirited, loud8)  Something that impairs growth, withers hopes and ambitions or impedes progress and prosperity; To destroy, ruin or frustrate10)  Clearness in thought or expression12)  Friendly in disposition; Good-natured and likable13)  A list of things to be done; An organized schedule for a meeting14)  pliable, flexible Across: 5) prophet, sibyl9)  Willing to do what someone else wants; Obedient11)  abandon, give up15) fat, utter16)  influence, persuade17) repay, compensate18)  To confuse or perplex19)  appearance, coming-out20)  elbowroom, allowance


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