Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 2)  To use up; To consume fully3)  To cut apart or to pieces5)  A death resulting from an accident or a disaster6)  An act, statement, or gift intending to show thanks or respect7)  recall, remember8) NOT legal9)  Tending to arouse anger, hostility or passion11)  To continue striving in spite of discouragements and difficulties13)  Enjoyment in the taste of something; To take great pleasure in14)  To scrub clean17)  To waste time and be slow; To loiter Across: 1)  To twist the body, face or limbs, as in pain or distress4)  plunge, dip10)  Arousing compassionate sadness and pity; Miserably inadequate12)  Easily deceived; Too trusting15)  empower, allow16)  wrongdoer, lawbreaker18) suppress, crush19) fib, lie20)  note, reminder


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