Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective3)  support, prop up4)  To become more relaxed or easygoing; Relaxed and easygoing; Soft, sweet and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit5)  An interpretation that makes something clear or understandable; An elucidation7)  wandering, roving8) venture, search10)  Acting, proceeding, or done without hurry; Without haste11)  Without or almost without hope; Disheartened14)  store, stockpile16) NOT order Across: 2)  A person who boasts in a loud and empty manner; Boastful, displaying excessive self-importance4)  A disease; A disorder or an ailment6)  To exist in large quantities; To be abundant or plentiful9)  Done in stages; By a small amount at a time, Gradually12)  condition, situation13)  Lacking energy or enthusiasm; Sluggish and lazy15) rave, fume17)  To steal from money or goods one is supposed to be looking after18)  heartbreaking, sad19)  isolation, aloneness


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