Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  fun, merriment2) NOT posterity4)  In accordance with established rules, principles, or standards; Genuine and not fake5)  tuneful, melodious6) incomplete, biased7)  wrangle, bargain with9)  Slightly sick or ill; Unwilling or reluctant to do something11) NOT solvent14)  concur, agree18)  amass, stockpile Across: 3) uproar, din8)  To behave in a condescending manner toward; To openly look down upon10)  Always skeptical of the motives of others; Distrustful of human nature12) NOT moronic13)  To perform the duties and functions of a position of authority; To serve as a referee or umpire15)  Able to be trusted as accurate or true; Coming from a position of power that requires com;liance16)  An absolute ruler; A dictator or tyrant17)  liturgy, ceremony18)  Having much physical strength; Capable of enduring much hardship19)  A long and bitter fight, usually between two families; To fight or clash


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