Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 4 Crossword
Down: 1)  Any combination or union for some common purpose2)  Failing to achieve the desired result; Unproductive or unsuccessful3)  Saturated with liquid; Expressionless or dull, usually from drunkenness4) excitable, flammable6)  Full of energy and enthusiasm7)  rush, dash9) NOT sustain11)  Unfriendly toward another; Aggressive and antagonistic12) NOT genuine13) NOT unconventional16) NOT predictable, constant Across: 5)  dismay, dispirit8)  A shrinking or startled movement or gesture; To draw back or tense the body, to flinch10)  arguable, debatable14)  To cause to experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride; To humiliate15)  To confuse the perceptions or judgment of; To puzzle or baffle17)  Tending to do great harm; Evil in nature18) NOT aristocrat19)  acquire, gain


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