Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  Magnificent, splendid; Relating to a king; Royal3)  Lacking in size, strength or power4)  onlooker, spectator6)  To gradually wear away; To gradually get destroyed7)  To make or become dry and thirsty through intense heat; To shrivel from heat8) NOT enjoyable10)  dejected, sad11)  solicit, survey13)  To attract by arousing hope or desire; To lure or tempt15)  Giving a clear and effective picture; Vivid and lifelike18)  sanction, confirm Across: 2) NOT hearten5)  struggle, wallow9) accidental, haphazard12)  hasten, quicken14)  An unpleasant, painful or difficult experience16) NOT aided17)  Necessary to life; Essential19)  cavil, split hairs20) NOT stop


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