Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  princely, stately3)  small, undersized4) observer, onlooker6)  abrade, corrode7)  dehydrate, desiccate8)  hideous, horrible10)  Sadness or depression of the spirits, gloom; Sad or unhappy11)  survey, poll13)  To attract by arousing hope or desire; To lure or tempt15) lively, descriptive18)  To approve, give formal approval; To establish a law Across: 2)  choke, suppress5)  struggle, wallow9) NOT serious12)  To move or go faster; To increase in speed14)  An unpleasant, painful or difficult experience16)  Treated badly by those in power; Oppressed17)  Necessary to life; Essential19)  A slight or irrelevant objection; To argue about a trivial or minor manner20)  endure, keep at it


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