Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 1)  To search deeply and thoroughly; To dig; To investigate2)  setting, environment3)  Causing an extreme misfortune; Disastrous4)  To act as a go-between to reconcile differences between parties; Acting through an intermediary, not direct or immediate5)  Domineering in manner, arrogant; Overwhelming; Decisively important6)  unusual, odd9)  A peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; A mannerism10) NOT frustrate11) entertain, amuse14)  Characterized by a light and exuberant quality; Boldly forward in speech or behavior; Saucy15) quote, recount Across: 7)  Having or exhibiting sound judgment; Wise and sensible at making decisions8)  After the expected or usual time; Delayed or tardy12) trap, diversion13)  To make known or communicate; To give or bestow15) NOT uncommon16)  A trace of something bad, offensive, or harmful, a stain; To stain, tarnish, or contaminate17)  Lacking in energy and ambition; Wayward; Lazy18)  To happen or occur afterward or as a result; To follow as a result19)  courage, bravery


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