Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1) tough, long-lasting2) vicious, merciless4) taunting, joking6)  undo, cancel9)  Harm, loss, something that causes damage, depreciation, or loss11)  To reduce to the smallest possible amount; To downplay or de-emphasize12)  Overcrowded to the point where traffic or people can't move well15)  Cautious or careful; With great care or caution18)  Acknowledged or declared openly in public19)  Careful with money; Thrifty; Not costly Across: 3)  To change direction suddently5) ample, abundant7)  To disable or disfigure; To make defective, impair8)  overabundance, oversupply10)  mythological, fabulous13) masked, concealed14)  Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness16)  mischief, pranks17) NOT look down on20)  bent, askew


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