Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT weak2)  One who is immoral; One who is undisciplined or spoiled; Done in an unjust, cruel or malicious manner, uncalled-for4) NOT no-nonsense discussion6) NOT authorize9)  handicap, impairment11)  cheapen, diminish12)  Overcrowded to the point where traffic or people can't move well15) warily, carefully18)  Acknowledged or declared openly in public19)  thrifty, stingy Across: 3) shift, change course5)  Showing abundance; Graciously generous7)  To disable or disfigure; To make defective, impair8) NOT dearth10) NOT real13)  A person in disguise; Having one's identity concealed or under disguise; With the real identity concealed14) vigorous, self-starting16)  pranks, mischief17)  To feel or show deep respect for, especially due to age or tradition; To honor20)  Slanting or angled; Not done in a direct or straightforward way


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