Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  A rope, chain, or similar restraint for holding something in place; To fasten with a rope, chain or the like2)  A vast number of something; Too numerous to be counted3)  A point of view from which different things are perceived4)  egg on, influence6) tremendous, massive7)  Willing to take bold and reckless risks8)  Long life, long existence or service11) NOT disburse13)  To compete eagerly with someone in order to achieve something15)  Deliberate and done on purpose; Unreasonably stubborn or headstrong19)  To give or assign in portions Across: 3)  pester, vex5)  Closely related to the matter at hand9)  conformity, concord10) NOT help12)  A superior group of people; Representing the best, superior14)  Entirely lacking or free from16)  Excitable or easily scared;17)  abide by, submit18)  struggle, wrestle


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