Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 4 Crossword
Special Characters:
Down: 1)  Bored with life; Unexcited2)  To read or examine, typically with great care3)  consume, preoccupy5)  A source of help in a difficult situation8)  To make or declare void or invalid, as a marriage or a law; To nullify9) cape, horn11)  Excessively or elaborately decorated15)  A long cushion or pillow for a bed or sofa; To support or strengthen17) uneasiness, pang Across: 2)  Full of holes; Easily penetrated by water or air; Permeable4)  A gathering or collection; To gather or assemble6)  A small amount of something that remains after the main parts have been used, poured, or taken7) sedate, quiet10) NOT significant12) NOT invite13)  inclined, susceptible14)  A person or thing with no special or interesting qualities; An unimportant person16)  concerned, troubled18)  To strengthen or support mentally or physically; To suffer something unpleasant; To confirm the validity of19)  condemn, lament


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