Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  strange, mysterious3)  modest, simple4)  Living by killing, eating or robbing others5) NOT healthy6)  posture, position9)  top, peak14) NOT sophisticated17)  A tax on unnecessary goods; To remove by or as if by cutting19) NOT attack Across: 2)  One who changes to the opposite party or faction or reverses principles; A traitor7)  characteristic, trait8)  Lighthearted; Animated; Easy and carefree10)  demolish, destroy11)  A point in time, especially a crucial one; A joint or connection12)  belief, principle13)  undervalue, diminish15)  immerse, roll about16)  hesitate, falter18)  To express; To communicate something20)  base, degrading


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