Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 1)  To seize for military use; confiscate2) NOT abandon3)  Convulsive4) NOT treasure5)  To spread out or scatter, to disseminate; Wordy, tending to use more words than are necessary9)  intolerant, narrow-minded11)  Being without restraint12)  Difficult to handle because of weight or bulk14)  To give up using or having16) NOT resolution Across: 2)  counterfeit, bogus6)  robber, thug7)  warn about, scold8)  A confused or disordered condition, a mess; To mix up in a confused or bungling manner10)  Cautious; prudent; wary; careful13)  break, violation15)  To make someone inclined to something in advance; To make susceptible17)  returning, permanent18)  A situation in which a choice between opposing modes of conduct is necessary19)  To cause to disappear by rubbing out, striking out, etc.


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