Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  pardon, absolve2) NOT sympathetic4)  The moving from place to place of people or things5)  Incapable of being defended or justified7)  amputate, separate8) grant, allow11) NOT stopping12)  An introductory or opening performance14) observe, sense16)  Having the disagreeable odor or taste of decomposing oils or fats; rank18)  grand, superior Across: 3)  Foul and run-down and repulsive6) NOT luxurious9)  To decrease gradually in size, amount, intensity, or degree; decline10)  Having many skills; Capable of doing many things competently13)  To divide and give out in shares15)  Authentic; genuine17) NOT disagreeable19) NOT rivals20)  afloat, cheerful


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