Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  Understood or implied without being expressed2)  retract, renounce3)  uncaring, unsympathetic4)  control, repress6)  guilt, reluctance7)  Characterized by the giving in to the wishes of someone8)  habitual, ingrained11)  Not relevant or applicable13) secret, surreptitious15)  Part of or happening in the night18)  sharp, pungent Across: 5)  Inspiring awe or admiration; Majestic7) unforgettable, enduring9)  euphoric, overjoyed10)  certain, substantial12)  Clear-cut and defined; Cutting deeply and quickly14)  A large, destructive and usually extensive fire16)  At rest; Still17)  banality, buzzword19)  To ponder or meditate on; To chew the cud


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