Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  duplicate, reproduction3)  talent, benefit6) noisy, intense7)  proficiency, expertise8)  good manners, politeness10)  merciless, pitiless11) NOT grant14) specify, order16)  To calm or relieve by means of a tranquilizer; Calm, quiet or composed Across: 2)  A strong or natural dislike or feeling of repugnance4) NOT deliverance5)  To attack on all sides; To surround9)  excited, enthusiastic10)  Not harmful or injurious12) sympathy, kindness13)  A grant or right from the government given to the creator of an invention for the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set period of time15)  Immeasurably or exceedingly minute; Very small17)  absorb, swallow18)  Able to be applied; Relevant or suitable19)  carry weight, matter


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