Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT learn2) obvious, conspicuous3) NOT concealed4)  Showing a keen sense of understanding or insight5)  Deserving of blame or censure7) misleading, deceptive8)  To make more certain or confirm11)  To impose or pass off by fraud13)  Causing harm or ruin or injury; Deadly14)  Lacking style or good taste; shabby18) NOT alien Across: 6)  uncivil, rough9)  high-colored, glowing10)  To satisfy to the full12)  highlight, emphasize15)  A representative group forming part of a larger group; Likely to occur but not with certainty16)  Temperate and moderate in diet17)  spread, distribute18)  Rambling or moving aimlessly from topic to topic19)  To shrink back or lose courage when in a difficult situation20) blasphemy, dissent21)  scorch, cauterize


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