Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Crossword
Down: 1)  prejudiced, narrow2)  Easy to speak to; Friendly4)  Constantly working hard, busy, hard-working6)  Without determinate shape8)  Difficult to understand or fathom9)  illegal, illicit10)  To present and urge reasons in opposition; To protest12)  To cut down or reduce in extent or quantity13)  Able to recover quickly; Able to return to an original form14)  An innate inclination; a tendency19)  Pervasive psychic influence supposed to emanate from persons Across: 3)  shoddy, run-down5) NOT indelicate7)  ennoble, praise11) NOT convertible15)  whining, cantankerous16) echo, resound17)  coarse, truculent18)  dismiss, abandon20)  conclude, assume21)  scholarly, bookish22) model, prime example


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