Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  To talk about aimlessly or foolishly3)  athletic, sinewy5)  ghostly, corpselike6)  confuse, flurry8)  negligible, insignificant11)  To violate the sacred character of; To commit sacrilege13) NOT worsen15)  The act of restoring something to the rightful owner17)  yield, stop18)  humiliate, degrade Across: 2)  Severe or stern in disposition or appearance; Harshly unadorned and simple4)  envisage, devise7)  take spoils, destroy9) allowance, emolument10) NOT civil12) NOT praise14) careful, precise16)  Susceptible to physical or emotional injury19)  salutary, charitable20) theatrical, august21)  A breaking of a law or obligation22)  awe-inspiring, respectable


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