Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  A beginner in any occupation or activity that requires skill2)  To reduce in amount or to make less3)  damnation, abomination4)  sidestep, evade5) revive, awaken7)  Something done for show or to make a big impression9)  dallying, remiss10) NOT blameless11)  Extreme poverty; Insufficiency or scarcity17)  deplorable, infamous19)  laconic, brief20)  A moderate or small amount Across: 2)  Extreme desire for wealth or getting and keeping riches6)  Having discernment or cleverness8)  Sluggish or inactive12)  Hazy, vague or indistinct13)  fickle, uncertain14)  untidy, dirty15) praise, fawning16) vanishing, transient18)  To repeat again or to sum up the main points21) belief, assumption


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