Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1) spoof, caricature2)  Having a high or respected reputation3)  Clearness in understanding or observation4)  A temporary discontinuance5)  showy, ornate6)  A bitter or malicious criticism10)  A recurring or dominant theme or idea12) NOT urban15)  charge, presentiment16)  Sunk to a low condition18)  Silly20)  questionable, doubtful Across: 7)  inspection, examination8)  inclusive, thorough9)  Someone or something that is deserted or neglected; Left neglected or abandoned by an owner or keeper11) NOT solitude13)  One who is doubtful or noncommittal about a belief; Doubtful or noncommittal about a belief14)  model, dummy15) actual, authentic17) NOT pleasant19)  fairness, rectitude21)  A new convert; also, a beginner


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