Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  A formal objection; To make an objection, to take exception2)  twin, supplement4)  Extremely needy or impoverished5)  pig-headed, obstinate6)  Showy or overdecorated in a tasteless way8)  merry, jovial9)  inception, opening10)  festoon, adorn13)  transitory, brief14)  To throw off something as unwanted or unnecessry15)  To calm or lessen or put to rest an intense feeling16)  Obtained by stealth; Sly or shifty Across: 2)  A clique or close group of people who associate exclusively3)  A person who hates or mistrusts humans7)  wanton, overmuch10) NOT timidity11) NOT fact12)  timely, blessed17)  wild, savage18) deceptive, ostensible19)  Of little value or significance; Small-minded20)  accoutrement, clothing


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