Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  To throw off something as unwanted or unnecessry2)  Of little value or significance; Small-minded3)  To calm or lessen or put to rest an intense feeling6)  destitute, poor7)  crew, clique9)  obstinate, pig-headed10)  Clothing or apparel11)  Shameless boldness or audacity12)  To add details in order to beautify or improve15)  lucky, fortunate16)  The place or point at which something begins; The entryway to a building17) deceptive, misleading Across: 4) NOT urbane5)  meretricious, showy8)  A thing or person which resembles or corresponds to another13)  The ghost or spirit of a dead person14)  A formal objection; To make an objection, to take exception18) excessive, overmuch19)  passing, transitory20)  recluse, cynic21)  Obtained by stealth; Sly or shifty22) NOT taciturn


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