Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  A command or formal order; To issue a command or formal order2)  A word or expression that distinguishes one group from another3)  Never slackening or stopping5)  An admirer or dabbler in the the fine arts for amusement6)  crusade, journey8)  malign, slander9) worthless, insignificant11)  Characteristic of the country or shepherds13)  leery, cautious14)  A loud shout or salute of welcome or approval17)  Any sudden emotional outburst or spasm18)  A showy and inappropriate display of learning21) extend, propound Across: 4) NOT dull7)  Harshly abusive or severely scorning10) increase, accrue12)  amateur, dilettante15)  Fragrant or having a pleasant odor16) NOT nervous19) conspiracy, scam20)  To waver or be indecisive21)  To treat with irreverence or contempt; Nonreligious in subject matter, form, or use


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