Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  edict, authorization2)  A word or expression that distinguishes one group from another3)  Never slackening or stopping5)  greenhorn, tyro6)  crusade, expedition8)  malign, defame9) NOT substantial11)  rustic, agrarian13) careful, safe14)  A loud shout or salute of welcome or approval17)  convulsion, frenzy18) NOT callowness21)  proposition, give Across: 4)  Shining brightly7)  Harshly abusive or severely scorning10)  Something added or gained, an addition or increase; To increase by one12)  A beginner with little previous skill15)  Fragrant or having a pleasant odor16)  composed, calm19)  complicity, deceit20)  To waver or be indecisive21)  irreverent, blasphemous


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