Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 2)  Something added to another but not essential to it; Joined or connected to another thing, usually in a subordinate or auxiliary position3)  An illusion that has no substance or reality, usually seen in the desert or at sea4)  A system in which things or people are ranked above one another5)  An area of low, wet ground or a troublesome situation in which one is trapped or entangled7)  chicken, craven9)  fact, certainty12) opinionated, narrow-minded16)  illustration, description18)  Language or speech that is vulgar, mocking, coarse, abusive or irreverent Across: 1)  Resembling in some manner but not actually; Partly, somewhat, or to some degree6)  remiss, inactive8)  Very offensive or disgusting, particularly to the sense of smell; Something harmful or injurious to one's health10)  A ritual of public worship, such as in a religious service11) NOT chuckle13)  kidding, banter14) disciple, follower15) unrealistic, fanciful17) NOT conscious19)  One that serves as a leader or indicates future trends20)  enfeebled, tired


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