Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 2) NOT subtraction3)  hallucination, phantasm4)  A system in which things or people are ranked above one another5) lowland, bog7)  chicken, craven9) reality, fact12)  biased, narrow-minded16) NOT long story18)  Language or speech that is vulgar, mocking, coarse, abusive or irreverent Across: 1)  semi, partly6)  Lying on one's back with frontside upward; Listless; Apathetic8)  Very offensive or disgusting, particularly to the sense of smell; Something harmful or injurious to one's health10)  service, worship11)  A shrill, noisy howl or cry; To howl or have an argument that sounds like a cat in heat13)  Good-natured teasing or ridicule,14)  One who has been converted from one religious belief or opinion to another, a convert15)  Highly unrealistic or imaginary or improbable17)  Forgetful; Lacking consciousness or awareness of19)  One that serves as a leader or indicates future trends20) exhausted, enervated


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