Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 2)  to give a slight representation of; to outline3)  A trinket4)  pedantic, educational5)  to thunder forth menaces7)  self-seeker, expedient11)  a model of excellence or perfection of a kind12)  deceitful, underhanded16)  impede, restrict Across: 1)  A literary work or speech expressing a bitter lament or a righteous prophecy of doom6)  complainer, malcontent8)  To take away from by or as if by cunning; cheat9)  exonerate, forgive10)  A social blunder13) NOT subtraction14) insubordinate, mutinous15)  Ridiculously or unjustly excessive17) NOT wither18) NOT profligate19)  pompous, bombastic20)  egotism, pretentiousness


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