Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 2) NOT withhold3) fight, fracas5)  To cause division and concentration on two opposing or contrasting opinions6)  demolish, extinguish7)  thirsty, absorbent9) NOT unconcern11)  To confuse or obscure or make unclear12)  miniature model, small world16)  An ungrammatical or nonstandard usage of language; A violation of etiquette or good manners Across: 1)  adherent, servant4)  People hired to applaud a performance or a performer8) NOT undermining10)  Funded by charity; Pertaining to charity or alms13)  Appearing to or having the semblance of truth, reality or likelihood14)  Native, coming from that country or region15)  tiny, diminutive17)  mournful, dolorous18)  wordbook, glossary19)  span, scope20)  A reddish or ruddy complexion; Habitually cheerful, optimistic or hopeful


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