Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 2)  rift, aperture3) con artist, scammer5)  To remove or alter parts of a work, such as a book or movie, considered vulgar or offensive6) territory, region7) NOT damning8) healing, salubrious9)  Of secondary importance or in addition to the primary13)  The act or practice of extorting or exacting by oppressive injustice; greediness15)  large model, entire world17) NOT consign Across: 1)  break, rift4)  Complimentary or free; Without charge or payment7) NOT dearth10) NOT anathema11) NOT esteem12)  badinage, raillery14)  scrutinizing, questioning16)  Dealing or concerned with the practicality of facts or actual occurrences; Sensible18)  A master with skill and technique in a particular art, such as music or performance; Having supreme mastery or skill19)  A strong point of a person; That which a person excels in


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