Vocabulary Power Plus Book 2 Lesson 16 Crossword
Down: 1)  intelligent, presumptuous2)  Fond of fighting; Quarrelsome4)  story teller, anecdotist5)  Cowardly7)  To suppress or subdue by putting an end to8)  A disorderly mob or crowd of people11)  Eager for revenge; Spiteful or vengeful Across: 3)  Living by killing, eating or robbing others6)  Exceptional strength, skill, or bravery, especially in battle9)  To take dishonestly, to commit theft or steal10)  A commoner, a member of the lower class; Of or relating to the lower class, common and vulgar12)  The science of language13)  Raging, uncontrollable; Extremely enthusiastic, fanatical14)  fanciful, noble-minded15)  irritate, vex


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