Vocabulary Power Plus Book 2 Lesson 17 Crossword
Down: 1)  A going forth or departure from a place or country, especially of many people2)  To move wildly at great speed;3)  One who is doubtful or noncommittal about a belief; Doubtful or noncommittal about a belief4)  Brief and to the point; effectively concise5)  sorry, remorseful9)  Not inclined to talk11)  Peculiarly unsettling, as if of supernatural origin or nature; eerie Across: 6)  Someone who deserts a cause or principle, an outlaw, a rebel; Having deserted a cause or principle7)  banter, teasing8) NOT accuse10)  Cautious; prudent; wary; careful12)  misfortune, curse13)  Able to burn organic tissue by chemical reaction; Bitterly scathing and sarcastic14)  Something demanded in repayment; A payback of sorts15)  A mild gentle breeze


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