Vocabulary Power Plus Book 3 Lesson 21 Crossword
Down: 2)  stealthy, surreptitious3)  Complete or absolute4)  A grotesque imitation5)  indifferent, emotionless6)  Pertaining to or adapted to live in a dry and arid environment7)  puff piece, mediocre work Across: 1)  support, aid3) NOT servant8)  A lower-class worker who does unskilled menial jobs9)  A brief description or literary sketch; A picture or illustration that fades away at the edges; A decorative design or illustration used on title or chapter pages in a book10)  A clever and witty remark or saying11) stray, get sidetracked12)  A hatred or distrust of women13)  awe-inspiring, respectable14)  A vacation or temporary leave of absence


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