Vocabulary Power Plus Book 3 Lesson 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  To diminish or lessen the seriousness of an offense2)  A person who travels on foot, a walker; Lacking wit or imagination, common and ordinary3)  A person whose behavior is different from what is acceptable; To take a different course; Markedly different from acceptable behavior4)  To look at or stare with anger, dislike or hatred5)  To improve the moral character or spirit of someone6)  insular, provincial8) vague, equivocal10)  Capable of producing offspring; fertile13)  Having the most favorable or desirable condition, degree or amount Across: 7)  To pierce a body with a sharp instrument9)  Authentic; genuine11)  To confuse or obscure or make unclear12)  appeal, demand14)  Accidental, resulting from chance


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