Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 1) worry, qualm2)  paying, moneymaking3)  To move back or away4)  Extremely hungry5)  Lacking skill; Not fit or suitable6)  Clearly, plainly; For a specific purpose8)  The sending of a message to a destination; To send of to a destination; To kill12)  clothing, attire13) NOT aid14)  meal, food18)  irritate, bother Across: 5)  Clever, original, or inventive7)  Very large or great in size, extent or quantity8) criticize, condemn9)  Done immediately; Occurring without delay10)  To wet thoroughly; To drench11)  A person regarded as stupid or clumsy15)  To make smaller by squeezing or pressing; A soft cloth pad applied with pressure to heal an injury16) desert, abandon17)  A false WRITTEN statement intended to damage a person's reputation; To publish false statements that harms one's reputation


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