Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  athletic, husky2)  accomplish, carry out3)  inarguable, irrefutable4)  Having a double meaning; Not clearly understandable5)  meager, skimpy6) NOT large8)  Of huge size or strength; Gigantic9)  Extremely cold in temperature10) brave, courageous13)  A motion by a pitcher in baseball to deceive a base runner; To hesitate or be unwilling to continue; To impede or prevent14)  attribute, reserve15)  A strategic or skillful movement; To skillfully go around something16) deliberate, award Across: 3) countless, measureless5)  grating, harsh7)  To take someone illegally by force; To kidnap11)  Marked by or acting with quiet caution and secrecy intended to avoid notice12)  A deliberate act of destruction or disruption; To deliberately destroy or damage to hinder normal operations17) NOT relaxed18) flourish, prosper


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