Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  disturbing, troubling2)  shock, stun3)  An understanding of something that is not correct; An error or misunderstanding5)  romantic, idealist7)  To move cautiously in search of prey or plunder8) cling, hold fast9)  manage, get along12)  To give authority or power to do something; To make someone stronger and more confident14)  articulate, eloquent15)  Gloomy and dismal; Moodily withdrawn or detached Across: 4)  Lacking in morals or not honorable; Unprincipled6)  Something added to another in order to complete or enhance it; To complete or add to something8)  Great cruelty or reckless wickedness10)  The condition of falling behind or slowness; To fail to keep up a pace, to straggle behind11)  To prevent or discourage from action, as by means of fear or doubt13) assert, confirm16)  A trial performance to demonstrate suitability or skill; To evaluate a person in a trial performance17) NOT ebb18)  mutilate, damage19)  distinguishing featu, characteristic


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