Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  record, keep score3) merge, unite4)  To add to the very end; To tack onto the end5)  opportunistic, gold-digging6)  A shelter from danger or hardship; A refuge8)  To provide lodging for; To meet the needs/wants of someone9)  Someone who appoints hard or continuous work to others14)  resist, decline15)  To change greatly in form or appearance Across: 2)  copy, duplicate7)  To praise, glorify or honor10) NOT perfidy11)  Highly imaginative but unlikely; Not readily believable12) memorialize, honor13)  A sudden, violent disruption that causes disorder and chaos16) sympathetic, open17)  To name one by one; To count off items18)  Tending to always follow authority; Obedient19)  To obtain something by force, threats, or unjust ways; To blackmail20)  melancholy, dejected


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