Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1) information, facts3) NOT de-emphasize4)  lighthouse, beam5)  pay back, get revenge6)  To bring criminal action against in a court of law8)  A performance using gestures and body movements without words; To convey emotions, actions, and feelings through gestures without speech9) NOT romantic12)  Something fake, false, or pretend; To produce an imitation of, to pretend; Pretended, faked or counterfeit14)  reduce, take away17) boorish, graceless19) NOT insignificant Across: 2)  Showing thoughtful sadness7)  safeguard, foresight10)  To take or seize with authority; To take possession of11)  Beneficial to one's health; Morally sound and good13) ethereal, blissful15)  cut, bore16) NOT avoid18) NOT sane20)  To discipline; To punish in order to correct


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