Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1)  To meet face to face in an argumentative or hostile way2)  Difficult or impossible to understand4)  A person belonging to the same time or period with others; Of the present time, modern8) baseless, unsupported10) largest, utmost11)  assaulter, attacker12)  Preventing success, harmful, unfavorable Across: 3)  A big wave or surge at sea; To swell out or puff up, as by the action of wind4) NOT release5)  An irregularity of a surface; To wrinkle or create disorder; To annoy or upset6)  To contain or include; To surround7)  meek, shamefaced9)  two-faced person, phony10)  maneuver, work13)  Having no no interest in something; Being fair and impartial, not influenced by others14) waterless, parched15)  draw, picture16)  Calm, peaceful, and untroubled17)  impersonate, imitate18) NOT weakness


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