Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1) labyrinth, tangle2)  Characterized by bloodshed and violence3)  hobo, vagrant4)  A strong supporter of a party, group, or cause; Devoted to or one-sided in support for a party, group, or cause6)  To keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss or destruction7)  high-spirited, unruly8) NOT maintain10) lucidity, clearness12)  Friendly in disposition; Good-natured and likable13) schedule, docket14) flexible, supple Across: 5)  seer, prophet9)  docile, submissive11)  To leave or abandon a place; To give up a position15)  Total earnings without deductions for expenses; To make or earn money; Lacking in refinement or good manners16)  influence, persuade17)  To pay back; To repay18) bewilder, make stupid19)  A first appearance in society or on the stage; To appear for the first time20)  Margin of error; Allowance for mistakes


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