Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 2)  To use up; To consume fully3)  To cut apart or to pieces5)  A death resulting from an accident or a disaster6)  honor, homage7)  recollect, recall8)  Forbidden or not permitted; Illegal or unlawful9) provoking, provocative11)  To continue striving in spite of discouragements and difficulties13)  enjoy, delight14)  examine, search17)  To waste time and be slow; To loiter Across: 1)  To twist the body, face or limbs, as in pain or distress4)  engross, dunk10)  Arousing compassionate sadness and pity; Miserably inadequate12) trusting, innocent15)  To give permission for; To formally approve or allow16)  wrongdoer, lawbreaker18)  To put down by force or intimidation; To crush19)  lie, fib20)  report, reminder


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