Vocabulary Workshop Level A Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 1)  orderly, tight2) NOT fuse3)  The state of having a lot of money; Wealth4)  Merry, joyful and friendly6)  A waterfall or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks; To rush down in large quantities like a waterfall7)  Irritable; Cranky; Ill tempered8)  Something that confines or restrains, like a handcuff; To put in chains or handcuff11)  Impossible to travel over or through; Blocked12)  Evil and wicked17) military, hostile Across: 5)  The way in which something is arranged, laid out, or designed8)  The least quantity or amount possible, assignable or allowable; Lowest, smallest possible9)  Money that is still owed and should have been paid already10)  A new idea or product; A new way of doing something better13)  fawn, flinch14) NOT permanent15)  The beginning or start of a journey or an attack16)  Incapable of moving or being moved; Not moving or motionless18)  To regain or recover19)  Light and quick in motion or action


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