Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 1)  sag, shrivel up2)  Loose or slack; Careless and negligent4)  too many to count, countless5)  malicious, spiteful6) fireplace floor7)  ponder, think about9) exchange of ideas10)  Widely and unfavorably known; Notorious12)  harm, devastation14) NOT insufficient16)  An object or its representation, symbolizing a quality, state or class of persons; A symbol18)  To damage or spoil to a certain extent; To make less perfect, attractive or useful Across: 3) huge, enormous8) misdeed, petty offense10)  To beg urgently or piteously, as for aid or mercy; To beseech11)  A story or account of events, experiences or the like; Consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story13)  Neither entirely open nor entirely shut, partly open; Neither entirely open nor entirely shut, partly open15) standoff, draw17) prelude, introduction19)  A formal agreement between two groups; A covenant


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