Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1) roving, roaming2)  soft, pleasant3) NOT in society4)  A search for something valuable, a journey to achieve something; To search for, to go on a journey6)  disorder, tumult7)  slow moving, sleepy9)  An interpretation that makes something clear or understandable; An elucidation10)  discouraged, dejected11)  Done in stages; By a small amount at a time, Gradually13)  arbitrary, by chance16) NOT fall short17)  A disease; A disorder or an ailment18)  Position or rank in relation to others Across: 5) swindle, steal8)  Acting, proceeding, or done without hurry; Without haste12)  Causing or expressing intense grief, anguish or distress14)  hiding place, store15)  To strengthen or support an object with additional material;19) NOT non-bragger20)  harangue, rave


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