Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  To make less or cause to appear less; To reduce or lessen2)  respect, admire4)  A state of extreme disturbance; Clamor or turmoil5) bore, shadow8)  Appearance, especially the expression of the face; To approve, support or encourage9)  chronicle, heroic tale11)  oscillate, waver14) NOT fatherly15)  To set fire to; To cause to burn Across: 3)  Of considerable bulk and weight; Large and heavy6) bewitch, thrill7)  crouch, cower10)  side-splitting, amusing12)  Importance, greatness or extent13)  let slip, blab16) manual art, handiwork17)  stuffy, tiresome18)  Starting with the earliest and following in the order in which events occurred19)  To promote the development or growth of, To nurture or bring up; In the same immediate family, but not related by birth20)  Well thought of; Having a good reputation; Well respected


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