Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT sorrow2)  bequest, heritage4)  right, lawful5)  Marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action6)  biased, incomplete7)  To bargain over the price of something; To argue in attempt to come to terms9) ill, unwell11) flat broke, financially ruined14)  To occupy the same relative position or the same area in space; To be in agreement18)  A secret store of valuables or money; To accumulate by saving Across: 3)  din, racket8)  To behave in a condescending manner toward; To openly look down upon10)  contemptuous, sarcastic12)  Wise and insightful; Shrewd13)  preside, referee15)  Able to be trusted as accurate or true; Coming from a position of power that requires com;liance16)  tyrant, autocrat17)  An established ceremony appointed by a religion; A traditional ceremony18) rugged, resolute19)  quarrel, vendetta


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