Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1)  shared feeling by two people toward each other2)  collected, self-confident3) rule, administration5)  businessperson, impresario7)  translucent, clear8)  A lack of interest, sympathy, or concern11)  An unavoidable danger or risk; To expose to a dangerous situation12) NOT deny14) talk out of, discourage Across: 4)  To make slippery or smooth; To apply oil; To reduce friction6)  slow down, impede8)  Angry over unfair treatment9)  A person who stirs up trouble or incites a revolt; A troublemaker10)  Murder; The killing of a person12)  Normal or common for the current situation or society13)  Able to be used or obtained; At one's fingertips15)  To attack by repeatedly throwing things; To shower or pepper16) vital, essential17)  Unhurt, intact, unimpaired, uninjured18)  A widespread deadly disease, calamity, or evil; To pester or annoy constantly


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