Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 5 Crossword
Down: 1)  An imitation intended to be passed off deceptively as real, a forgery; To make fraudulent copies of something valuable; Fake, bogus or phony2) capability, possibility3)  Covered with ingrained dirt or soot; Dirty or filthy4) NOT beginning6)  A tiny quantity or degree8)  A short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident; A humorous account10)  fool with, mess with12)  manhandle, rough up13) NOT perfect14)  control, govern18)  Skilled in dealing with people and difficult situations; Diplomatic Across: 5)  considerable, big7)  doubt, hesitation9)  Sending out light; Shining or glowing brightly11)  To combine into one body or system; To unite13)  Lacking loyalty; Unpredictably changeable; Erratic15)  countrified, rustic16)  Someone running away from the law; Lasting only a short time, fleeting; Difficult to understand17) beseech, plead19)  teachable, manageable


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