Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 1)  To make someone a priest or minister; To order or decree officially2)  To expel; To kick or force out3)  contentious, quarrelsome4)  Something left over; A small part remaining7)  concurrent, occurring at the sam9)  cataclysm, calamity12)  Capable of being read or deciphered; Easily readable13) stimulus, motive15) NOT reckless16)  To become spread throughout all parts of; To permeate or diffuse17)  To put out or extinguish; To douse; To satisfy one's thirst Across: 5)  tip over, overturn6)  charge, onset8)  The point, gist, or heart of something; The main point of an idea10)  Not normal, average, typical, or usual; Deviating from a standard; Irregular11)  A showy gesture; To grow well or with prosperity, to thrive14) NOT obedient18)  To outdo; To surpass or excel; To do something to a greater degree19)  turn, veer20)  A process of becoming smaller or shorter; To become smaller or less, to subtract


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